The most common flies are: Housefly, Flesh Fly, Fruit Fly, Sewage Fly and etc.

• An adult Housefly can cover a distance of 5km at a top speed of 6km per hour and beat its wings 200 times per second.

• The life cycle of the Housefly takes only 2 weeks to complete and the adult female can live for about 2 months

Hazards Which They Can Cause
1. Disease transmitters eg. gastroenteritis, typhoid, cholera and tuberculosis.
2. Causing major problems where infestations over-spill from breeding sites such as rubbish tips and animal houses

Recommended Control Measures
1. Sanitation and habitat elimination are keys to managing.
2. Spraying or fogging of all potential breeding grounds and harbourages for immediate extermination.
3. Baiting, Traps & Aerosols.
Removal of breeding sources.